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Silver 404®


Silver 404®


Silver 404®

Clinical research suggests that the patented molecules in Silver 404® helps with the following: †

·     Eradicates MRSA

Controls infection in open wounds.

Improves speed of wound healing and decreases scarring in both wounds and lacerations.

Helps eradicate specific unwanted bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Improves healing in severe burns

Help healing in diabetic foot ulcers

Sore Throat and oral infections from specific microorganisms

The flu (Influenza including H1N1)

Specific yeast infections from candida albicans, Infections from E. coli, infections from the bacteria pseudomonas,

Stimulates stem cells

It appears to reduce inflammation and improve immune function

The technology:

Through a newly developed technology, patented under numerous patents, a cutting-edge nano sized silver solution is the new standard.

Through years of research at leading universities, there are thousands of pages of quantifiable work authenticating many significant developments.

Dosage:  Spray topically 2-4 times a day.  You can also saturate gauze and allow it to soak on a wound

Adults take 2 tsp twice a day Children ½ tsp twice a day (ages 2 and up)

Silver 404® Difference

MOLECULES in Silver 404®: (Meaning 4 silver atoms to every 4 oxygen atoms).  The molecule we are describing is a thin multivalent silver oxide, made of numerous silver and oxygen atoms. This encompasses the nano sized silver center. When it comes to this technology less is more.  10ppm of the the Silver 404 molecule is more powerful than 5,000 ppm of silver attached to an amino acid.  The difference is because of the structure of the silver particle and the many changes it makes at the cellular level.

Further because the Silver 404 molecule is not attached to proteins or amino acids there is no risk for toxic build up when taking it orally.

EXTRA STABLE AND ABSORBABLE: The silver particles are attracted to the surrounding H20 molecules, and thus, becomes part of the structure of the H20. This makes the silver much more stable and absorbable than other forms of silver.

NUMEROUS CHANGES AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL: Studies have found the molecules in Silver 404® are eliciting many changes at the cellular level.   First, it has an ability to take multiple electrons (compared to ionic silvers which can only take one). Second, each element is permanently fixed in an excited state.  These stable particles are found to have a maximum likelihood of absorption occurrence, this allows the particles to have a positive physiologic outcome.  Last but not least, the elements have a very useful electrostatic charge.

Silver 404® is so safe it can be ingested daily as directed without toxic buildup or side effects.


The first ever double blind, FDA cleared, human ingestion toxicity study has been performed on the molecules found in Silver 404®.

The research includes more than twenty safety reports.

Over the last twenty years millions of dollars has been spent with universities, private institutions, and labs. These studies have ranged from research on the silver and oxygen molecules, efficacy research, and safety studies.  There have been more than 8 peer-reviewed and published scientific and medical journal articles written on the technology.

Silver 404® Manufacturing

Silver 404® is manufactured under strict regulations issued by the various government agencies for supplement and cosmetic products. Additionally, the manufacturing facilities adhere to the rules and regulations of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Summary of some of the research

The molecules found in Silver 404 have had a Case Study on Wound Healing

Wound healing can be complicated by infection and inflammation. With less inflammation and infection wounds close quicker with less scaring.  In a research study, multiple cases were reviewed and documented for the purpose of recording improved wound healing with the use of the silver and oxygen molecules found in Silver 404. Daily use resulted in reduced infection (including MRSA), and less inflammation. This significant review of the healing process strongly advocates that the molecules in Silver 404 help to disinfect the wound, prevents further infection, helps reduce inflammation and stimulates stem cells.  The outcome of the study was improved wound healing reduction in inflammation, enhanced angiogenesis, and reduced scarring.

Four cases were measured and assessed for wound healing, infection control and stem cell action.  The silver and oxygen molecules found in Silver 404 were used multiple times each day to help yield remarkable healing in:

·         A complex MRSA infected wound.

·         Serious facial lacerations including the prevention of inflammation and infection.

·         A serious burn in a patient with a compromised immune system.

·         A severe complex infection. (bullous pemphigoid)

The studies revealed enhancements in healing times.  Some wounds healed in less than half the normal healing time. The silver and oxygen molecules found in Silver 404 produced remarkable healing results in the MRSA infected wound by eradicating the bacteria and helping to close a wound that had been open and infected for over a year.

The silver and oxygen molecules found in Silver 404 helped produce remarkable healing in a serious facial laceration.  It prevented infection, and significantly reduced inflammation.  The results were an extremely rapid healing wound with little scaring.

The silver and oxygen molecules found in Silver 404 were sprayed on a serious third degree burn in an 88 year old immune compromised patient.  The molecules helped to prevent infection and improved closure in a very difficult burn wound in approximately two months.

The silver and oxygen molecules found in Silver 404 helped in healing of a bullous pemphigoid wound.  Re-epithelializaton was demonstrated along with stem cell function in closing the very serious wound.

Research References to Consider

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